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10 Cool DIY Pendant Lamps Suitable For Modern Interiors

Diy Yarn Pendant Lamp

DIY Yarn Pendant Lamp

Every home feature at least several pendant lamps. That’s why you can make one or two hanging beauties by yourself. Below you can find the list of tutorials showing how to make such lamps from different materials. The cool thing about all of them that they looks so sophisticated and minimalist that they are suitable for any modern interiors. It isn’t often when in the end of DIY project you get an unique piece of decor with such modern and minimalist look.

  1. DIY Yarn Pendant Lamp from madebygirl
  2. DIY Conceptual Pendant Lamp
  3. DIY Faceted Pendant Paper Light from the3rsblog
  4. DIY Industrial Orbit Pendant Lamp from houseofearnest
  5. DIY Lace Pendant Lamp from dosfamily
  6. DIY Paper Cup Pendant Light from cutoutandkeep
  7. DIY Crystal Decanter Pendant Lights
  8. DIY Twine Pendant Lights
  9. DIY Veneer Pendant Lights from poppytalk
  10. DIY Wire Pendant Lamp from hommemaker
Diy Conceptual Pendant Lamp

DIY Conceptual Pendant Lamp

Diy Faceted Pendant Paper Light

DIY Faceted Pendant Paper Light

Diy Industrial Orbit Pendant Lamp

DIY Industrial Orbit Pendant Lamp

Diy Lace Pendant Lamp

DIY Lace Pendant Lamp

Diy Paper Cup Pendant Light

DIY Paper Cup Pendant Light

Diy Crystal Decanter Pendant Lights

DIY Crystal Decanter Pendant Lights

Diy Twine Pendant Lights

DIY Twine Pendant Lights

Diy Veneer Pendant Lights

DIY Veneer Pendant Lights

Diy Wire Pendant Lamp

DIY Wire Pendant Lamp


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  1. houseofearnest Says:

    Thanks for featuring my orbit pendant! I’m also debuting a new pendant next wednesday too :) come by and check it out!

  2. soontoberetired Says:

    Where does someone go to get the electrical part of the pendant light? (Southern Ontario; GTA)

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