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15 Thanksgiving Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Your front porch is one of those things that definitely should be decorated for Thanksgiving. Most likely, you’ll have your family coming for a festive dinner so it’s the first thing they see. Besides, decorating the front porch is so easy. Gourds, pumpkins, fallen leaves and other products of Autumn’s harvest... More

20 Cool Thanksgiving Trees You Can Make

A tree indoors is one of those things that catches everybody’s attention. That’s why you should have one not only for Christmas and Halloween but for Thanksgiving too. Besides, it could become a great craft project for you and your kids. The project isn’t hard at all but the result might be quite impressive.... More

15 Ideas To Make Cool Thanksgiving Wreaths

Thanksgiving wreaths aren’t much different from other Fall wreaths. The products of nature are usually their main parts. Autumn colors are all around them. We’ve gathered for you a small gallery showing how a Thanksgiving wreath could look like. Some of them come with detailed tutorials so don’t hesitate to... More

15 Ideas To Make Cool Thanksgiving Garlands

Sometimes Thanksgiving gets overlooked between Halloween and Christmas. Although it’s a great time of year when we reflect on the many things we are grateful for in our lives. Besides, there are plenty of decorations you can make for this Holiday. For example, you can make a cool garlands to decorate your fireplace,... More

10 DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

If you want to give all your guest a proper spot at Thanksgiving dinner then you need to make place cards for all of them. Such cards would help your guests feel themselves special and will add your personal touch to the table setting. Making Thanksgiving place cards isn’t as hard as you might think. You have plenty of... More

5 Ideas To Make Cool Thanksgiving Coasters

DIY Thanksgiving Coasters

Fall is favorite season for many people. Even though weather isn’t always great this time of the year, Autumn’s nature colors help you forget about that. Besides, it’s great time to decorate your home and have several family and friends gatherings. Thanksgiving is one of those days when you definitely gather... More

10 Cool Thanksgiving Kids Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is that one holiday a year we gather with family and friends to remember all we are grateful for…Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family mean that you probably need a separate kids table. In case you’re into dressing an adult’s table you shouldn’t forget abou dressing the kids table... More

5 DIY Thanksgiving Treat Holders

If you want to spice things up a bit at our family get-together for Thanksgiving you can make cute treat holders for all kids that will be there. Of course you can buy cool treat holders at Pottery Barn, but making them could be much more fun process especially if you have kids. Here are some ideas and tutorials to help... More

65 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

In order to make your Thanksgiving table looks more elegant you can make a centerpiece for it. Creating beautiful harvest centerpiece isn’t hard because there are so many things that you can use for it that you only need to find in what arrangement they looks the best. In those examples that I’ve gathered you can... More

50 Thanksgiving Candle Display Ideas

Candles are perfect to light up your Thanksgiving table. They also are perfect to light up the whole dining or living room for the celebration. I gathered for you a bunch of different Thanksgiving candle displays that you can use as your inspiration. They include different centerpieces, arrangements and DIY candles so I hope... More

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