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9 Cool DIY Summer Party Centerpieces

Every table needs a centerpiece, no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning a cool summer party and don’t know how to decorate the table, this article is for you! The easiest idea is to take a bowl and put fresh fruit with flowers in it – simple, fast and delicious! Another idea is a traditional floral centerpiece,... More

DIY Eggshell Tealight Candle Centerpiece For Easter Decor

Easter is not far, so have you thought of your Easter table décor yet? Let’s make this easy centerpiece for your table, you’ll need eggshells, food coloring, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, warm water, tealight candles, an egg holder. If you have empty eggshells,  wash and clean your eggshells, removing the membrane as well.... More

DIY Cotton Plant Centerpiece

Cotton is extremely trendy today for any kind décor, from home to weddings – cotton branches are seen on the table and in the bouquets. Let’s make this faux cotton plant centerpiece for any occasion you like. The supplies are 3.4″ x 10.5″ cylindrical vase, gold glitter duct tape, a hot glue gun, a black marker,... More

8 DIY Driftwood Centerpieces For Festive Decorating

Driftwood is an ideal material for creating – it’s eco-friendly, you needn’t spoil any tree to get it and looks chic! Driftwood can be used for different crafts, and it’s especially cool for coastal décor. No matter if you have a holiday or not – make a driftwood centerpiece that would attract attention! The easiest... More

15 Amazing DIY Christmas Centerpieces For Any Taste

Christmas is a cool family holiday, and a beautiful and easy centerpiece is necessary. You needn’t buy anything, let’s make some. An easy variant of a rustic centerpiece is a stump with candles or wooden box filled with pinecones (faux or natural, with some decorations of your choice). Candles are suitable for any... More

How To Make A Succulent Centerpiece

Succulents are everybody’s love today! Let’s make a succulent centerpiece for any party or even a wedding reception table. The supplies are egg cups, succulents, Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paints, a small paint brush, and some thin masking tape. Put some masking tape onto the egg cups creating a nice straight line and... More

DIY Moss And Twine Wrapped Jars

We’ve already told you of an easy spring and Easter centerpiece with grapevine, here’s one more similar idea with wrapping. The supplies are craft moss, twine, mason jars and scissors. First cut your moss into strips of the desired size, then wrap it around your jars and secure with the twine around a few times and make a... More

DIY Bird’s Nest Vase As An Easter Centerpiece

Guys, we’ve already told you of some pretty spring and Easter centerpieces and here’s one more to the collection. The piece is so simple to make that you won’t need much time at all! The supplies are grapevine, wire, a glass or any other vase and some fresh flowers. All you need to do is to wrap the grapevine around your... More

DIY Upcycled Light Bulb Centerpiece

We’ve already told you of some Easter and spring centerpieces, and it’s time for an upcycled spring centerpiece that would make your table rather unusual. The supplies are light bulbs, batteries, or flashlight bulbs, wooden pots or candleholders, electrical wire and tape. Remove the lights from the light bulbs and... More

11 Easy DIY Easter Centerpieces

Continuing the topic of Easter décor, we’d like to tell you about some simple Easter centerpieces that you can easily make yourself even if you are not much of a crafter. The height of fashion this year is a centerpiece of empty egg shells and flowers or succulents as it’s a slight hint on the holiday and very spring-like.... More