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How To Make Cool Dinosaur Ice Eggs For Your Kids

A cool kid’s craft? Easily! Dinosaur ice eggs! You’ll need a balloon, a small plastic toy and a freezer. Fill the balloon with water, put your dino inside; toss it in the freezer. Once the ice has frozen, simply peel the balloon away from the ice and your kids will be stunned and amazed by the dinosaurs encase in ice – it’s like the Ice Age!  Once your eggs are out of the casing, you can throw them into the pool and water table to watch them dissolve, but throwing them off the porch and watching them shatter is another option that your kids can enjoy. You can find an original project here: anestforallseasons.


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  1. Amy Renea Says:


    Thank you for featuring my project, but could you please link all photos back to my site instead of internally within your site? I would also really appreciate it if you sourced the content at the head of the post instead of buried in the text. It takes quite a bit of work to produce and edit the photos/text and more attribution would be much appreciated.


  2. Inspire Me Heather Says:

    I agree with the authors’ comment regarding this post – it’s only fair!

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