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Simple DIY Fall Table Centerpiece Of Yarn And Wood

Fall table centerpiece is simple to make if you have some colorful yarn, tree branches and glass decorations or kind of that, a glass, some filler and coffee grains for decoration. First make yarn pom poms – that’s simple: just take cardboard circles, wrap the yarn and tie the center together by sliding it between the... More

5 Cool And Free Popcorn Bag Templates

Do you like movies and popcorn? If so and you happen to host some indoor or outdoor movie party then you definitely need some unique popcorn bags to impress your guests. They are easy to do and you can even buy white or brown paper bags and print something on them. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of tutorials where you can... More

DIY Golden Animal Candleholders For Parties

If you gonna have a party and don’t know how to surprise your guests – make these candleholders. The craft is very simple and won’t take you more than several minutes. So, what will you need? Just a couple of plastic animals, some golden spray paint, a drill and a plastic candle holder to stick on top. Finish them with a... More

30 Creative Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

If you plan a Halloween party then you definitely need to make some party invitations to give your friends. That could be as simply printed cards as something more creative like paper coffins, paper graves or even faux fingers. Here are some ideas to help you with... More

Cool DIY Ideas For A Kids Halloween Party

Usually there are so many parties during Halloween. Everybody are having fun during this holiday. If you’re one of those people who are serious about party decorations and preparing a party for your kids then you’ll like these cool diy ideas. First of all you can make spiders crawling on a gigantic web of... More

DIY Bubble Gum Machines For A Kids Party

Bubble gum machines are perfect things to put on a table for a kids party. You can put a bunch of them with different gumballs and your kids and their friends would be happy. To make one such machine you’ll need a terra cotta pot, a wooden ball, a wooden doll pin stand, a tube of E600 glue or hot glue, a round bubble bowl... More

DIY Wedding Floral Arrangement Using Wine Bottles And Twine

This is probably the most beautiful DIY wedding floral arrangement I’ve seen. It’s made of a bunch of wine bottles and twine. It’s perfect for vintage-themed weddings and any other outdoor parties. You can use the idea to decorate your patio or terrace for everyday... More

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