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Wood Wrapped 1920s Bungalow’s Interior Design

Here is an amazing interior of a renovated 1920s bungalow that recently was featured on Apartment Therapy. Almost every surface here is covered with repurposed wood. Stairs, a kitchen island, doors, walls, ceilings and a lot of other things are all covered with wood scraps. I already showed you how to decorate walls with... More

Eco Friendly Floating Boat Homes

Eco Floating homes are green, friendly, low carbon, sustainable architecture objects with contemporary interiors. These floating homes are stylish, have natural wood exteriors and looks beautiful as outside as inside. They are constructed to deliver maximum comfort with minimum energy bills. If you live in UK these floating... More

Sustainable Hill House With A Cool Fireplace On A Deck

The Hill House by David Coleman Architecture

The Hill House is composed of a 20′ wide x 115′ long stepped platform, a shelter formed by the roof and east wall, and several gabion stone walls. It is sited on a long, narrow, rocky hillside, sloping gently to the south and steeply to the east and west. The building is designed to catch as much views of nature... More

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