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Modern Flat House In Italian Countryside

Horizontal Space by Damilano Studio

Here is an amazing modern house located in Italian countryside. It’s designed by Duilio Damilano and his studio. The house is about 300 square metres (3220 square feet), with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Like the flat landscape around it the house has quite simple shape and only one level. Thanks to the that it... More

Sustainable Hill House With A Cool Fireplace On A Deck

The Hill House by David Coleman Architecture

The Hill House is composed of a 20′ wide x 115′ long stepped platform, a shelter formed by the roof and east wall, and several gabion stone walls. It is sited on a long, narrow, rocky hillside, sloping gently to the south and steeply to the east and west. The building is designed to catch as much views of nature... More

Contemporary House With a Large Library For 7500 Books

Querosene House by grupoSP

Not many people have enough space to have a large library at their homes. This house features such library containing 7,500 volumes that occupies the whole wall on two of three house’s floors. Among other interesting design solutions implemented in this house you can find a glass wall through all three floors providing... More

Flower Covered House Exteriors

These Flower Houses are two of the few houses left among the condos at Alki Beach in Seattle, Washington. They are gorgeous landmarks that add some charm to the whole neighborhood. Everybody enjoy to pass them by. Although imagine, how hard is to maintain all these... More

House That Inspired Tony Stark’s Home In Ironman Movie

Razor Residence by Wallace E. Cunningham

Even though this house isn’t the one that was showed in the Ironman movie it’s quite similar to it anyway. Tony Stark’s house doesn’t exist while this one is very real. Some people say that this house inspired creators of Tony Stark’s house. Razor Residence is constructed from white polished... More

House With Industrial Exterior And Minimalist Interior

This house in Melbourne, Australia is one of those great where different styles are combined to make it stylish, comfy and unusual. A historic industrial facade and a sleek minimalist interior are things that makes the house different from the outside to the inside. Although there is a modern structure over the old brick... More

How To Design 80 Square Meter Apartment With Style

My life in 80m2 by Poliform

When you design a small apartment the hard part is finding all of your furniture and accessories that actually fit, without making your apartment feel over cluttered and bulky. Besides, it’s hard to make such apartment comfortable for entertaining and working. Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform has created a... More

House Extension Covered With Crisscrossed Sticks

Suurupi House Extension by Arhitektid Muru & Pere

This modest house extension is part of the one-storey private house designed a while back. The new box is covered with crisscrossed sticks that make it look like a rectangular, modern and stylish bird’s nest. When it glows in the dark it even looks quite futuristic. The interior of this extension is spacious and the large... More

Cozy Seasonal Retreat With Unusual Roof Shape

Molly’s Cabin by AGATHOM

Molly’s Cabin is one of those seasonal retreats which every family wish to have. It’s located three and a half hours north of Toronto on a remote archipelago in Georgian Bay on a cusp of the Canadian shield – a large area of exposed Precambrian rock. The house is only eight milles from the marina on a 2.8-acre... More

Spread Movie Interiors

Spread is a 2009 film starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche and directed by David Mackenzi. It is a sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover. Big part of the movie is going on in Samantha’s mansion that is a dream home for the bachelorette. Its interiors are truly exiting and even though they looks... More

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