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Shell-Shaped Nautilus House

This wonderful house is located in Mexico City. Even though there are many great houses out there integrated to nature there aren’t any integrated into aquatic nature. The house was built with a 2″ ferrocement shell and shaped like Nautilus shell. Among cool features of the house design are a grass carpet, eading... More

Unique Curved Floating House

Fennell Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz

This floating house has a quite unique design. The imaginative use of curved glue lam beams evoke the poetry of the ripples and contours of a river. The whole facade is made of glass and features amazing river and sunset views. The curvilinear forms create spacial differentiation that enhance the experience of time as light... More

Unique Contemporary Concrete Home That Reminds Giant Steps

Tolo House by Alvaro Leite Siza

This contemporary home occupies a steep slope in Penafiel, Portugal. It’s design is very unusual for such sites. The home is integrated into the slope and because of that it’s very long and narrow. The roof functions as pavement support for the gardens: similar to the traditional threshing floors and patios in the... More

House Inspired By Flintstone Cartoons

This stone house is constructed in the middle of the Fafe Mountains in Portugal. Rising in the middle of a wind farm. It uses two gigantic granite stones for its main structure, linked with a concrete mix. As you can see it looks like the house inspired by the Flintstone cartoons. Thanks to such unusual design it attracts many... More

Modern House With Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Casa Devoto by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

This modern, luxurious home is designed for a couple with two kids on a 18×24 meter lot. It features an open plan and really amazing swimming pool near by. This pool is elevated above-ground which isn’t very popular way to design a pool. Thanks to such design parents can watch how their kids are doing in the pool as... More

A House’s Pavilion With Roof Shat Reminds Fallen Leaves

Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects

Leaf House is a pavilion for a private residence in Sydney, Australia. It’s sited in a dramatic coastal setting and looks anything but ordinary. Thanks to unusual structure of its roof it blends with surroundings very well and looks like a part of the terrain. Roof’s parts resemble fallen leaves held loosely... More

Lakeside Villa With Perforated Concrete Facade

O House by Philippe Stuebi Architekten

This sculptural villa features very expressive, unusual and ornamental facades on both, the front and the lake side. The white concrete elements are dotted with circular openings that allow glimpses into the two-leveled orangery with its exotic plants, as well as the lounge, the guest tract and the staircase accessed through... More

Modern Underground Home In Switzerland


Even though this modern home is almost completely embedded in the side of a hill in Switzerland it features an amazing view of surrounding nature anyway. The hill is located very close to the world famous thermal bath of Vals. Its main feature is a quite large elliptical patio that acts as a home’s facade and make all... More

Contemporary Courtyard House Growing From Solid Water

Tangga House by Guz Architects

The house is a contemporary version of a traditional courtyard house. It’s located in Singapore and built around a central courtyard with a double height stair and entry area forming the focal point of the project. Even though it isn’t by the beach it’s designed to looks like it’s growing from solid... More

Modern Multi-Functional Tree House Getaway

Banyan Drive Treehouse by RPA

Here is an amazing part office, part art studio, part recreational gateway that is located at the base of a large pine tree in the backyard of a canyon residence. It perched twelve feet off the ground and belongs to an artist and lover of nature. Even though it is modest in size, the plan is so effective that besides a studio... More

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