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Pink Apartment Interior Design

Chic Apartment by Nina Nyborg

This chic apartment in downtown of Copenhagen belongs to a 34-years old graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen. The 88 square meter apartment is a flash of adrenaline for lovers of pink. It can be found in every room. In combination white they make the apartment very fun and happy place to live. The contrast between them looks... More

Refurbishment Of An Old House With A Pool On The First Level

Rota House by Manuel Ocana

This living space is a renovated house in Madrid that features a cool swimming pool on the first level. The property is only 8×8 meters on two floors and an attic but it features amazing views of the roofs of Madrid’s historic center. The house incorporates four machines to control and condition the temperature and... More

Charming Barn House

Barn Conversion by SHED

There is always something charming in houses converted from barns. All of them feature cool rustic elements that makes them very cozy. A Seetle based architecture firm, SHED, has made this wonderful conversion. The result is very impressive. Each space was developed around a minimal palette of materials and color, with... More

A Nice Modern House With A Creative Interior

Corkellis House by Linea Studio

This stylish modern house designed by UK-based studio features a quite practical and creative interior design. Take for example the main staircase. It not connects two levels but also provide a lot of shelves to store books and display things. On the ground level near this staircase is an open kitchen/dining area designed in... More

Pallet Office And With A Pallet Staircase

Brandbase Office by Most Architecture

We usually write about things that can help to improve your home and this time isn’t the exception. Even though that is an office designed by a Dutch architecture studio it shows how many things you can make using wood pallets. They are usually free if you can find them so such projects also won’t cost you much. The... More

Dream House With Several Green Roofs

Meera House by Guz Architects

This large multilayered four storey house is located on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. It tries its best to break down the volume into human scale spaces with interaction with gardens and greenery at all levels. Each roof garden provide a base for the storey above allowing the layered effect to make each storey... More

TRON Legacy Interiors

Only recently I’ve watched TRON Legacy movie and interior of the Kevin Flynn’s living space is something unforgettable. That glowing hideout at the edge of the TRON universe shows how digital-age decor should look like. It features truly futuristic minimalist design and furnished with with timeless designs including... More

Dream Mountain Home

Mountain Refuge C7 by dRN Architects

The Mountain Refuge C7 is located at 2990 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains. The site is on the south slope of the Inca Lake and the house’s facade faces it. Nice views of the lake and the mountains around make living there pleasant and relaxing. The house is organized in two superposed volumes. Below, a... More

Cool Apartment With a Pool In a Living Room

Designed by Weir Phillips Architects, this unusual apartment is located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. A swimming pool integrated into the living room is what make it so unique. The whole room looks like some outdoor area thanks to suspended BBQ appliances and outdoor-like furniture. The cool thing is that this... More

TRON Inspired Interior Designs

Milan design week 2011 will happen in April and DuPont is gonna present there ‘TRON designs Corian®’. That is an exhibition of TRON inspired interiors and products designed in Corian®. movie ‘TRON: legacy’. The project is entitled Safe House and is a collaboration of various designers and... More

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