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Amazing Rustic Bungalow Handcrafted From Reclaimed Barn Wood

How do you imagine a perfect getaway from the world? Here is a rustic bungalow that in my opinion is close to be such getaway. It’s located in Sullivan County, New York. The house is handcrafted from 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood and, with no water or electricity. The bluestone piles below the house disguise the... More

Small 45 Square Meters Apartment That Seems Bigger Than It Is

This small apartment is only 45 square meters but seems bigger than it is. A lot of good decorating ideas, smart using of natural light and interesting game of colors were implemented here. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room are aligned on the same wall. A lot of furniture came from IKEA but looks great in this... More

Thoughtful Design of 33 Square Meter Apartment

Even though this apartment is very small and modest it’s still looks like a quite complex space. Smooth lines of walls, floors and ceilings give it the sense of dynamics while wide open connections between areas increase visibility. Thanks to these things and to several mirrors the apartment seems much bigger than 33... More

One Of The Most Unusual Houses In The World

Bubble House by Antti Lovag

The Bubble Castle is an unusual house situated near Cannes in the South of France. It’s the creation of Finnish architect Antti Lovag and known as a summer home of the legendary fashion designer Pierre Cardin. The house stretches over 1200 m2 , including 10 suites decorated by a different artists, a reception seating 350... More

Colorful Interior Design Of A Simple Home

This simple home is located just a few minutes away rom the sea in Malmö, Sweden. An old villa was renovated and its interior is now looks very fun and happy thanks to a lot of colorful details. The exterior features only red accents while the interior features a rainbow of colors. When you walk around the house it feels like... More

House Rotating Around A Central Pivot Point

Everingham rotating house

This Australian house is a 24-metre diameter octagon with a 3-metre, 360-degree verandah. Its exterior walls are mostly glass and steel, and it rotates around a central pivot point. Even though entire structure weights around 50 tonnes yet can take advantage of sunshine and shade at different times of the day. The house also... More

Sculptural House Design Out Of This Planet

Steel House by Robert Bruno

This sculptural house is made out of 110 tons of steel and looks like it isn’t from this planet. The architect spent 23 years on building 2,700 square feet house. The house has fluid organic design style that optimizes light and visual experience. It’s truly unique architectural piece that the architect can really... More

Real Life Flying House Inspired By Up Movie

A while back National Geographic has created a real-life flying house inspired by Pixar’s animated hit film Up. Two world-class balloon pilots launched a 16’x16′ house 18′ tall with 300 8′ colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles. The set a new world record for the... More

Modern Apartment Design With Creative Decorative Lights

Even though that aren’t real photos of an apartment, these photorealistic renders can still teach you how to fill an apartment with decorative mood lights. The project is done by Art-Cube interior design studio from Minsk, Belarus. The project is done for a young couple who wanted to have a modern and even futuristic... More

Real Life Simpsons House

It was 1997 when the contest sponsored by FOX and Pepsi that involved a real house modeled after the one of The Simpsons took place. Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old retired factory worker from Richmond won the four-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot house in that contest. On pictures you can find how the house looked more than 10 years... More

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