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Moby’s House That Reminds A Castle

Not many people are fortunate enough to live in a real castle. Only rich and famous people can afford that. Seems a cool musician, Moby, is one of those people. Even though his castle isn’t as old as European castles, it still looks like one. The castle was built in 1920s. It’s located on the Hollywood Hills and... More

Dexter Apartment Interior

We all know an American television drama series about a bloodstain pattern analyst and a serial killer in one called Dexter. Brandy Alexander is an interior designer that created sets for the TV series including the Dexter’s apartment. His condo is always uncluttered so you can see many these details during watching some... More

Real Life Flying House Inspired By Up Movie

A while back National Geographic has created a real-life flying house inspired by Pixar’s animated hit film Up. Two world-class balloon pilots launched a 16’x16′ house 18′ tall with 300 8′ colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles. The set a new world record for the... More

Real Life Simpsons House

It was 1997 when the contest sponsored by FOX and Pepsi that involved a real house modeled after the one of The Simpsons took place. Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old retired factory worker from Richmond won the four-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot house in that contest. On pictures you can find how the house looked more than 10 years... More

TRON Legacy Interiors

Only recently I’ve watched TRON Legacy movie and interior of the Kevin Flynn’s living space is something unforgettable. That glowing hideout at the edge of the TRON universe shows how digital-age decor should look like. It features truly futuristic minimalist design and furnished with with timeless designs including... More

House That Inspired Tony Stark’s Home In Ironman Movie

Razor Residence by Wallace E. Cunningham

Even though this house isn’t the one that was showed in the Ironman movie it’s quite similar to it anyway. Tony Stark’s house doesn’t exist while this one is very real. Some people say that this house inspired creators of Tony Stark’s house. Razor Residence is constructed from white polished... More

Spread Movie Interiors

Spread is a 2009 film starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche and directed by David Mackenzi. It is a sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover. Big part of the movie is going on in Samantha’s mansion that is a dream home for the bachelorette. Its interiors are truly exiting and even though they looks... More

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Interiors

The latest movia from Harry Potter’s saga has already been seen by all fans. Of course it features a lot of impressive interiors as do all the previous parts. These interiors looks quite medieval and pompous. They perfectly fit the movie’s style. Classrooms and the library feature very high ceilings, vintage... More

Sex And The City 2 Interiors

Sex and the City 2 features much more interesting interiors than the first part of the famous movie. Even Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has admitted that right in the movie. She said that she’s been cheating on fashion with furniture, and that’s true. Decorator Lydia Marks of Marks & Frantz,... More

Gossip Girl Interiors

Gossip Girl is a quite popular TV series for teens based on the book series of the same name. It’s telling the story of several families of Manhattan’s elite so it’s full of beautiful interiors and fashionable cloth. Every interior has touches of luxury and glamour but all of them are different. Here are some... More

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