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Smart Home – The Greenest Home In Chicago

The “Greenest Home in Chicago” has been remade for 2011. It’s filled with new gadgets and inventive ways to live green. It’s a must-see exhibit for anyone who wants their home, and life, to be smarter, more efficient and more in tune with the environment than it is today. The Smart Home is a three-story... More

Bluestone Church Transformed Into A Contemporary Home

Converted churches aren’t very rare living spaces. Here is a contemporary conversion of a 1850’s Church in South Australia. This spectacular bluestone residence meet the highest contemporary living standarts but its facade almost hasn’t changed. The house features 3 spacious bedrooms, a contemporary kitchen,... More

Interior Design Of Real DJ Apartment

This amazing home belongs to a German DJ, Marc Hype. He’s a successful music producer living in Berlin for a long time and play international shows in many countries. His apartment full of decor items that he collected over the years. There is also a lot of vintage and modern music devices and even the Space Attack arcade... More

Small 45 Square Meters Apartment That Seems Bigger Than It Is

This small apartment is only 45 square meters but seems bigger than it is. A lot of good decorating ideas, smart using of natural light and interesting game of colors were implemented here. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room are aligned on the same wall. A lot of furniture came from IKEA but looks great in this... More

Thoughtful Design of 33 Square Meter Apartment

Even though this apartment is very small and modest it’s still looks like a quite complex space. Smooth lines of walls, floors and ceilings give it the sense of dynamics while wide open connections between areas increase visibility. Thanks to these things and to several mirrors the apartment seems much bigger than 33... More

Colorful Interior Design Of A Simple Home

This simple home is located just a few minutes away rom the sea in Malmö, Sweden. An old villa was renovated and its interior is now looks very fun and happy thanks to a lot of colorful details. The exterior features only red accents while the interior features a rainbow of colors. When you walk around the house it feels like... More

Refurbishment Of An Old House With A Pool On The First Level

Rota House by Manuel Ocana

This living space is a renovated house in Madrid that features a cool swimming pool on the first level. The property is only 8×8 meters on two floors and an attic but it features amazing views of the roofs of Madrid’s historic center. The house incorporates four machines to control and condition the temperature and... More

Contemporary Courtyard House Growing From Solid Water

Tangga House by Guz Architects

The house is a contemporary version of a traditional courtyard house. It’s located in Singapore and built around a central courtyard with a double height stair and entry area forming the focal point of the project. Even though it isn’t by the beach it’s designed to looks like it’s growing from solid... More

Contemporary House With a Large Library For 7500 Books

Querosene House by grupoSP

Not many people have enough space to have a large library at their homes. This house features such library containing 7,500 volumes that occupies the whole wall on two of three house’s floors. Among other interesting design solutions implemented in this house you can find a glass wall through all three floors providing... More

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