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Funny Coffee Table Inspired By Rubik’s Cube

KUB+ by Fabio Teixeira

Our lives aren’t always easy and fun. Interiors of our homes usually can prove that. It’s a good idea to make them more fun. One way to do that is to buy furniture that loos cool and fun. For example that could be furniture inspired by toys. Here is a coffee table inspired by famous toy Rubik’s Cube.... More

Simple Yet Multifunctional Coffee Table

Who said that multifunctional furniture should be complex? Here is a very simple coffee table that also works well as a laptop desk. The table has a modern minimalist design and is formed by a continuos sheet of bended wood. It’s perfect for urban living spaces where space is at a premium because you can use it as a... More

Modern Side Table With One Leg Made of Tableware

Ben by Mischer Traxler

Mischer Traxler is a very talented designer who reinvent traditional furniture and accessories. Some time ago I showed you really nice lamps designed by him. Here is one more of his works. A modern side table made of wood with one leg made of old stacked and fixed porcelain. You probably can even make such table by yourself.... More

Sensualy Pebble Side Table For Outdoor Use

In case you want to add some sensuality to your porch, patio or any other outdoor area you can buy this awesome Pebble side table from West Elm for $149. It’s made of cement concrete and features an ovular, organic shape. Thanks to its shape and color it resembles an enlarged pebble from some beach resort. It can also be... More

DIY Coffee Table Of An Old Window And Two Crates

Do you care about the Environment? If so then you should reuse things. Here is a coffee table that is made only of stuff that people usually throw away. It’s made of two apple crates and an old window. It can be disassembled very easily even though it’s fixed to the crates. If you use thick window then such table... More

30 Space Saving Solutions For Small Kitchens

When your kitchen space is at a premium you need to optimize it as much as you can. First thing to consider is a kitchen table. There are different ways to save some space using creative tables. You can make a table be a part of kitchen countertops, install a wall mount folding table or simply make it from a narrow surface by... More

Perfect Coffee Table For Wine Lovers

Don Vino Wine Table by Chicone Builders

The Don Vino wine table is inspired by the oak barrels that line the cellars of regional wineries. It’s perfect to showcase your wine collection or to have 16 bottles of your favorite wine at hand. You can customize your table with the choice of leg design and the choice of material it’s made of. The table is... More

Space Saving Wall-Mount Bedside Table

Nite Bedside Table

Nite is a smart, wall mounted bedside table made in Sweden. It’s perfect for bedrooms where space is at a premium. The table doesn’t occupy floor space but provide some storage for magazines, glasses, alarm clocks and books by the bed. Although you’ll also need a wall lamp because there aren’t space for... More

Modern Low Table Inspired By Russian Ballet Dancers

Giselle by Anna Neklesa

Can you imagine the beauty of Russian ballet dancers implemented in a modern low table? Anna Neklesa has created a design concept of such table. It’s made of sheet steel or aluminum, legs of painted wood. Even though there are only two legs, it’s stable and steady. You can put napkins or something else into slots... More

Table Leg Set To Form Your Own Unique Table

Clamp Table by Ryan Sorrell

The clamp table is a universal table leg set that is able to be easily attached, using a clamp mechanism to any flat surface in order to produce a tabletop. Thanks to such smart design it’s really easy to make your own unique table without real woodworking skills. The legs can accomodate boards of varying thickness. Thans... More

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