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Chest Of Drawers That Resembles A Stack Of Firewood

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz

The new chest of drawers designed by Mark Moskovitz is an interesting item of decor that not only is able to bring some coziness into any interior but also add some storage space to it. It’s inspired by the haphazard geometry of cordwood but built with modern details, for indoor use in mind. The chest of drawers reminds a... More

Storage Systems Made Of Reclaimed Furniture

Vintage furniture is a great material for cool handmade storage systems. Thomas Wold is a Berkeley-based custom furniture-maker make such systems and sells them. He uses found and remnant materials, he designs pieces that are simultaneously retro-cool and utterly contemporary. In his works he combines the look of clean wood,... More

Chalkboard Storage Cabinet

Blackboard by Peter Jakubik

Blackboard is a chalkboard storage cabinet that has an unlimited amount of possibilities of its final look. Its owner can change its look as easily as changing color of the monitor background of his computer. Even though at the moment only prototype of this storage cabinet is ready but the idea is so good that I think some... More

Tabletop Storage Organizers Shaped Like Houses

Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco

Here is one more furniture object that has design connected with an architectural icon. Like these lamps, this storage organizer is shaped like a house, the traditional red-roofed Nordic cottage to be more correct. It’s a vertical shelving system where each level reflects the possibility of a different use, and where... More

20 Wardrobe Organization Ideas

If you count all clothing and footwear of an average city dweller you’ll find out that a couple of centuries ago only the most rich people had the same amount of stuff. So many of us face the problem to store all these things. Furniture manufacturers have invented many things to help us with that. We gathered for you some... More

25 Cool Commodes For Different Tastes

The word commode comes from the French word for “convenient” or “suitable”. Originally, in French furniture, a commode introduced about 1700 meant a low cabinet, or chest of drawers at the height of the dado rail. Nowadays commode’s look hasn’t changed a lot and it’s as popular as it... More

Upholstered Cabinet That Has Soft Appearance And Touch

Cham is a little upholstered cabinet which was named after the North Pole monster “Cham” – a character in a Korean novel. It’s made with felt, sponge, and spruce. The idea behind the design is to provide users with unusual furniture experience. Opening and closing it are similar to things we usually do with... More

Really Big and Unusual Bookcase

Some of us have really a lot of books at our homes. In such situation simple bookshelves just won’t fit all of them. Large bookcases could be a solution but they usually have very ugly look. The bookcase on the picture is much better than usual ones. It consists of really a lot of individual cubicles and each of them have... More

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