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Mountain Inspired Couch For Real Nature Fans

Montanara by Gaetano Pesce

If you think these funny sofas are cool what can you say about this awesome couch? It’s designed to create the illusion of a mountain scene right in your living room. The couch comes with cushion waterfalls and can be separated into two comfortable armchairs. If you’re fan of nature then you definitely might want... More

Funny Sofas That Looks Like Wild Animals

These cool and funny sofas are designed by a master upholsterer from Rome, Rodolfo Rocchetti. Such creative pieces of furniture can become perfect centerpieces in the most living rooms. If you’re an animal lover – don’t worry. These sofas are made of faux fur. If you have some faux animal heads on your walls... More

Fake Brick Chairs and Sofas for Indoors

Bricks & Mortar by Established & Sons

These chairs and sofas are designed by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong to play a trick with your interior. They looks like they belong to outdoors because of their upholstery but they don’t. The removable upholstery is done in a screen printed fabric that reminds house walls. All seatings are available in four color... More

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