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17 Awesome DIY Industrial Shelves And Racks

Industrial style is gaining popularity – it’s good not only for masculine space but also for some service spaces like a pantry or a kitchen. An industrial shelf, though, would look great not only in an industrial interior but also in a modern, minimalist, rustic or shabby chic one. You needn’t buy industrial shelves... More

Cool DIY Industrial Shelves Of Rope

Looking for some cool industrial shelves? Here’s an idea! The supplies are four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 5/8-inch rope, four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 1/2-inch rope, 2 wooden shelves, a drill, a 1/2-inch spade bit, paint, 2 hooks, scissors, a lighter. Use the 1/2-inch spade bit to drill holes in each of the four corners of the... More

DIY Modular Storage System Made Of IKEA Boxes

Do you know that you can create a pretty modular storage system of a collection of PRÄNT boxes from IKEA? I didn’t before I saw this work. The cool thing is that this modular system not only looks cute but also is very easy to make. All boxes are fixed together with stationery clamps. You can not only connect them but... More

Modern Wooden Magazine Wall Rack

Swell Magazine Rack by Chris Burton

StyleFactory is an interesting website where design objects can be voted by people like us. If some product receives a lot of votes the company manufactures it. This stylish and modern magazine rack is one of products that people currently vote for. It’s perfect display for your favorite books and magazines. The rack is... More

Industrial Pipe Bookshelves

Etsy is a great source of nice handmade decor items. Here are awesome industrial pipe shelves that I recently found at DirtyBils store. There are three kinds of them all of which balance books using the pipe and the wall. They are great for your bedroom, living room, study or a small space where you don’t have room for a... More

Simple Bookshelves in Baroque Style

If you’re into an avant-garde Baroque style and decorations then here is nice product for you. Baroque bookshelves are made of black metal with an ornate frame shape. Each book shelf is open at the side and this unique shelving idea looks great when mounted individually but really terrific in a set of multiple shelves.... More

Minimalist Shoe Shelf To Organize Your Shoes

Shoe Shelf by Martina Carpelan

Martina Carpelan has come up with a very nice idea about how to organize your shoes. The minimalist shoe shelf that she has designed is a wall mounted shoe rack for four pairs of shoes. It’s made of coated metal and available in white color with green carpet. The cool thing is that you can combine several such shoe wall... More

Creative Bookshelf That Also Serves As A Bookmark

Wall Book Mark by Es Collection

Wall Book Mark is one of those simple and creative solutions that are truly brilliant. It’s a bookshelf and bookmark in one simple piece of powder-coated steel. It’s easy to mount near your favorite reading spot. Several of them can easily become a small library storage. Wall Book Mark is available in white, black... More

Bookcase Which Transforms Into A Console Table With Two Chairs

Trick is a quite simple bookcase which transforms into a console table with two chairs. Multi-purpose furniture is a space saving solution that people need when they live in contemporary small apartments. Trick provides you with possibility to store your things and can be used for dining, writing, reading and working on your... More

Flexible Bookshelf That Stretches Around Books

Designed by Arianna Vivenzio, the Elastico bookshelf features quite unusual function. It stretch around books you place in it. The elastic band that is the main part of the bookshelf also stretches around metal posts mounted on your wall in order to save the bookshelf’s shape even if it’s empty. What can be more... More

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