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25 Trendy Low Coffee Tables

We already showed the most stylish modern coffee tables that we could find but now it’s time to be more specific. We want to show you these trendy low coffee tables that become more and more popular nowadays. This trend come to us from Japan so most of these tables are also very minimalist. The main feature of all these... More

20 Wardrobe Organization Ideas

If you count all clothing and footwear of an average city dweller you’ll find out that a couple of centuries ago only the most rich people had the same amount of stuff. So many of us face the problem to store all these things. Furniture manufacturers have invented many things to help us with that. We gathered for you some... More

5 Stylish Umbrella Stands For Your Hallway

If you’re living in a region where each year a rainy season happen you definitely should have an umbrella stand at your hallway. There are plenty of options out there but we like unusual and stylish objects for our interiors, right? Here some of such options:Elic by Lanzillo & Martinengo is an original umbrella... More

Minimalist Shoe Shelf To Organize Your Shoes

Shoe Shelf by Martina Carpelan

Martina Carpelan has come up with a very nice idea about how to organize your shoes. The minimalist shoe shelf that she has designed is a wall mounted shoe rack for four pairs of shoes. It’s made of coated metal and available in white color with green carpet. The cool thing is that you can combine several such shoe wall... More

25 Cool Commodes For Different Tastes

The word commode comes from the French word for “convenient” or “suitable”. Originally, in French furniture, a commode introduced about 1700 meant a low cabinet, or chest of drawers at the height of the dado rail. Nowadays commode’s look hasn’t changed a lot and it’s as popular as it... More

Simple But Functional Rocking Stool

Monarchy by Yiannis Ghikas

Monarchy is not simply a stool, it is a rocking stool. It’s designed not to be overturned but at the same time allows the user to escape the dullness of the ultimate stability. The stool rocks sideways, it rocks back and forth, and it swivels. It got this name because its shape reminds a crown. The rocking stool could be... More

Double Bed Combined With Two Chairs

Bed Blend by Roy Letterle

Bed Blend is a quite fun yet practical variation of usual double bed. The bed is carefully combined with two chairs and looks like one minimalistic piece. These chairs can serve not only as usual chairs but as bedside tables too. Besides they are part of the bed’s headboard. The cool thing is that the whole piece is... More

Surfboard Chair

Chair Special Love Seat

Even though this love seat isn’t designed to remind a surfboard, it definitely reminds it anyway. The chair is made of hot rolled steel round bar that has been hand forged and welded. The fittings are machined steel and stainless steel with rubber bushings. The seating surface and the chair’s back are made of cold... More

Nature Inspired Coat Rack and Wall Hooks

Tree Coat Rack and Branch Wall Hooks by Cascando

Tree coat rack and Branch wall hooks are part of the Nature series designed by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando. The coat rack can hold as many as 20 coats and available in white, green or warm grey. It’s a colourful and light-hearted centerpiece as for home as for office. Branch wall hooks come in same colors as the coat... More

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

Twist by Cascando

Twist is a flexible coat rack designed by Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL Design Studio for Cascando. It can be assembled in two different ways whereby the connecting, solid disc forms either a hat rack or a stabilising base. The coat rack is made entirely of American ash. Thanks to that it has an attractive look and a warm... More

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