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Simple Bookshelves in Baroque Style

If you’re into an avant-garde Baroque style and decorations then here is nice product for you. Baroque bookshelves are made of black metal with an ornate frame shape. Each book shelf is open at the side and this unique shelving idea looks great when mounted individually but really terrific in a set of multiple shelves.... More

Table Leg Set To Form Your Own Unique Table

Clamp Table by Ryan Sorrell

The clamp table is a universal table leg set that is able to be easily attached, using a clamp mechanism to any flat surface in order to produce a tabletop. Thanks to such smart design it’s really easy to make your own unique table without real woodworking skills. The legs can accomodate boards of varying thickness. Thans... More

A Cool Coat Stand Made Of Real Tree Roots And Trunks

This coat rack is a cool and practical thing to put at your hallway. It combines natural serpentine artistry of entwined tree roots with the practical functionality of dense wood. Each coat rack is truly unique and have limbs of all sizes for hanging cats, scarves, umbrellas and cloth. Artisans carefully select components from... More

Super Space Saving Bedside Table

Nightstand What You See Is Not

If your bedroom is very small yet you want its design to be complete you might need some space saving solutions to be used. Here is a way to get a bedside table that almost won’t occupy any space at all. A wall sticker combined with a drawer is a perfect optical illusion that looks like an ordinary table. The beechwood... More

Adjustable Coffee Bench and Table In One Furniture Piece

Coffee Bench by Beyond Standards

Coffee Bench is a very creative furniture piece from Poland. It’s a very flexible solution for small spaces. The bench is movable and transformable. The design is so thoughtful that this one relatively simple furniture piece features also a table. The best thing about it is that you can customize it depending on your... More

10 Ideas To Combine Natural Wood With Solid Colors In Furniture And Interior Design

Do you know that natural wood combined with monochrome surfaces looks really amazing? There are a lot of options to do that in interior decorating. For example you can find furniture that feature natural wood base but painted in one color doors. You also can simply place solid wood furniture near monochrome walls. You even can... More

Tabletop Storage Organizers Shaped Like Houses

Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco

Here is one more furniture object that has design connected with an architectural icon. Like these lamps, this storage organizer is shaped like a house, the traditional red-roofed Nordic cottage to be more correct. It’s a vertical shelving system where each level reflects the possibility of a different use, and where... More

DIY Panton Wooden Chair

The Panton chair is an icon of furniture design. It’s originally made of plastic but there are some creative people who are creative enough to repeat its shape in a DIY project. Slovak designer Peter Jakubik is one of them. He made a chair similar to the icon from a rugged looking log. He intends to sell such chairs for... More

Modern Mobile TV Stand

TV Easel by Axel Bjurström

TV Easel designed by Swedish designer Axel Bjurström is a very interesting TV stand concept. It’s quite minimalist but has some interesting functions besides simply supporting TV. The stand features wheels. Thanks to that it is perfect for small spaces because you can move it away when nobody is watching it. Besides that... More

5 Toys Inspired Storage Furniture Solutions

Storage solutions inspired by famous toys and games is a nice way to organize your things in a nice way. They are cool for kids rooms but also can become creative touches of other rooms. We gathered for you such furniture objects which you can buy or make by yourself.Lego Storage Bricks have been made just like the original... More

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