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Sensualy Pebble Side Table For Outdoor Use

In case you want to add some sensuality to your porch, patio or any other outdoor area you can buy this awesome Pebble side table from West Elm for $149. It’s made of cement concrete and features an ovular, organic shape. Thanks to its shape and color it resembles an enlarged pebble from some beach resort. It can also be... More

All-In-One Furniture Set For Small Spaces

Matroshka Furniture Set

Matroshka Furniture is a Sweden company that develop new multifunctional furniture. Matroshka is a popular Russian set of wooden dolls placed inside each other. This all-in-one furniture set is inspired by famous dolls. A four square meter item of furniture houses a study, living room, bedroom and dining room. Four rooms in one... More

DIY Coffee Table Of An Old Window And Two Crates

Do you care about the Environment? If so then you should reuse things. Here is a coffee table that is made only of stuff that people usually throw away. It’s made of two apple crates and an old window. It can be disassembled very easily even though it’s fixed to the crates. If you use thick window then such table... More

Mountain Inspired Couch For Real Nature Fans

Montanara by Gaetano Pesce

If you think these funny sofas are cool what can you say about this awesome couch? It’s designed to create the illusion of a mountain scene right in your living room. The couch comes with cushion waterfalls and can be separated into two comfortable armchairs. If you’re fan of nature then you definitely might want... More

Funny Sofas That Looks Like Wild Animals

These cool and funny sofas are designed by a master upholsterer from Rome, Rodolfo Rocchetti. Such creative pieces of furniture can become perfect centerpieces in the most living rooms. If you’re an animal lover – don’t worry. These sofas are made of faux fur. If you have some faux animal heads on your walls... More

30 Space Saving Solutions For Small Kitchens

When your kitchen space is at a premium you need to optimize it as much as you can. First thing to consider is a kitchen table. There are different ways to save some space using creative tables. You can make a table be a part of kitchen countertops, install a wall mount folding table or simply make it from a narrow surface by... More

Perfect Coffee Table For Wine Lovers

Don Vino Wine Table by Chicone Builders

The Don Vino wine table is inspired by the oak barrels that line the cellars of regional wineries. It’s perfect to showcase your wine collection or to have 16 bottles of your favorite wine at hand. You can customize your table with the choice of leg design and the choice of material it’s made of. The table is... More

Versatile Chair Combined With A Working Desk

Double Side by Matali Craseet

Here is the latest work by French designer Matali Craseet. It’s a chair combined with a working desk. The versatile seat can be transformed with a tiny intuitive gesture, into a work tool, the back flips and becomes a small plane on which you can write, use your computer, eat or play. It’s perfect solution for small... More

Chalkboard Storage Cabinet

Blackboard by Peter Jakubik

Blackboard is a chalkboard storage cabinet that has an unlimited amount of possibilities of its final look. Its owner can change its look as easily as changing color of the monitor background of his computer. Even though at the moment only prototype of this storage cabinet is ready but the idea is so good that I think some... More

DIY Modular Storage System Made Of IKEA Boxes

Do you know that you can create a pretty modular storage system of a collection of PRÄNT boxes from IKEA? I didn’t before I saw this work. The cool thing is that this modular system not only looks cute but also is very easy to make. All boxes are fixed together with stationery clamps. You can not only connect them but... More

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