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Versatile Chair Combined With A Working Desk

Double Side by Matali Craseet

Here is the latest work by French designer Matali Craseet. It’s a chair combined with a working desk. The versatile seat can be transformed with a tiny intuitive gesture, into a work tool, the back flips and becomes a small plane on which you can write, use your computer, eat or play. It’s perfect solution for small... More

A Chair Inspired By A Coffee Cup

Coffee Chair by Sunhan Kwon

Coffee Chair is a quite simple dining chair that makes you think of a cup of coffee every time you see it. Even though it’s perfect for cafes and restaurants it can be used at homes as well. Broke out from general design of symmetrical side chair and attached just a handle on one side of the back of a chair. It seems a... More

A Folding Chair Combined With A Floor Lamp

The Poets by Nieuwe Heren

Here is a very creative furniture object that Dutch designers have recently come up with. It’s a folding chair combined with an floor lamp. It encourage parents to read bedtime stories to their children but have many other practical ways of using it. It can be used anywhere where is an outlet to plug it into. When not in... More

Comfy Chair Made Of T-Shirts

The T-shirt Chair is the winner of the Green Furniture Award 2011. It features an unique upholstery done of weaved together used textiles. The original chair designer has made of T-shirts from forty friends and other textiles such as grandma’s curtains, and jeans. All these materials was melt together visually to form a... More

Adjustable Coffee Bench and Table In One Furniture Piece

Coffee Bench by Beyond Standards

Coffee Bench is a very creative furniture piece from Poland. It’s a very flexible solution for small spaces. The bench is movable and transformable. The design is so thoughtful that this one relatively simple furniture piece features also a table. The best thing about it is that you can customize it depending on your... More

DIY Panton Wooden Chair

The Panton chair is an icon of furniture design. It’s originally made of plastic but there are some creative people who are creative enough to repeat its shape in a DIY project. Slovak designer Peter Jakubik is one of them. He made a chair similar to the icon from a rugged looking log. He intends to sell such chairs for... More

Simple But Functional Rocking Stool

Monarchy by Yiannis Ghikas

Monarchy is not simply a stool, it is a rocking stool. It’s designed not to be overturned but at the same time allows the user to escape the dullness of the ultimate stability. The stool rocks sideways, it rocks back and forth, and it swivels. It got this name because its shape reminds a crown. The rocking stool could be... More

Double Bed Combined With Two Chairs

Bed Blend by Roy Letterle

Bed Blend is a quite fun yet practical variation of usual double bed. The bed is carefully combined with two chairs and looks like one minimalistic piece. These chairs can serve not only as usual chairs but as bedside tables too. Besides they are part of the bed’s headboard. The cool thing is that the whole piece is... More

Surfboard Chair

Chair Special Love Seat

Even though this love seat isn’t designed to remind a surfboard, it definitely reminds it anyway. The chair is made of hot rolled steel round bar that has been hand forged and welded. The fittings are machined steel and stainless steel with rubber bushings. The seating surface and the chair’s back are made of cold... More

Recycled Suitcase Chairs

Recreate is a cutting edge interior design range of furniture and lighting started by Katie Thompson. Among the range there is a large selection of cool recycled suitcase chairs that could become a really unusual addition to any interior. Most of these chairs of course looks vintage but with contemporary upholstery they even... More

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