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30 Cool Canopy Beds

Curtained and alcove beds are undoubtedly very cool but canopy ones are even more cool and popular. Even though such beds usually calls to mind a classic princess room, there are plenty of modern versions of them that fit even the most modern interiors. Besides looking great canopy beds also provide privacy and conserve heat... More

Giant Bed Inspired By a Bird Nest

Can you imagine a bed inspired by a bird nest? I bet you can but I can also bet that you’ve never seen one before. Here is an interesting example perfect for your kids. It’s tricky to get into it but a running jump would solve the problem. When your kids are in it would be hard to make them come out. If you also... More

Double Bed Combined With Two Chairs

Bed Blend by Roy Letterle

Bed Blend is a quite fun yet practical variation of usual double bed. The bed is carefully combined with two chairs and looks like one minimalistic piece. These chairs can serve not only as usual chairs but as bedside tables too. Besides they are part of the bed’s headboard. The cool thing is that the whole piece is... More

20 Cozy Curtained Beds

Curtained beds are almost as cool as alcove beds in terms of coziness and comfort. The cool thing is that they are simpler to get because there are plenty of pre-made beds and installing curtains is simpler than making the niche for an alcove bed. Curtains are ideal for creating intimacy and romance. Every married couple could... More

15 Cool Alcove Beds

Alcove beds are naturally fun for kids. Although they could be very practical in contemporary living spaces so they are good for adults too. Such beds are natural space saving solution because they usually occupies corners or other not the most practical parts of rooms. Besides they sometimes are much more comfortable and cozy... More

Space Saving Bed Transformable to Desk


No matter what but you can’t keep your workspace clean all the time. At least I can’t. There are always some important papers and things that you don’t want to hide in drawers. Although if there isn’t a lot of space in the room where you work and sleep then you need some space saving solution that will... More

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