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17 Awesome DIY Industrial Shelves And Racks

Industrial style is gaining popularity – it’s good not only for masculine space but also for some service spaces like a pantry or a kitchen. An industrial shelf, though, would look great not only in an industrial interior but also in a modern, minimalist, rustic or shabby chic one. You needn’t buy industrial shelves... More

Cool DIY Industrial Shelves Of Rope

Looking for some cool industrial shelves? Here’s an idea! The supplies are four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 5/8-inch rope, four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 1/2-inch rope, 2 wooden shelves, a drill, a 1/2-inch spade bit, paint, 2 hooks, scissors, a lighter. Use the 1/2-inch spade bit to drill holes in each of the four corners of the... More

30 Cool Canopy Beds

Curtained and alcove beds are undoubtedly very cool but canopy ones are even more cool and popular. Even though such beds usually calls to mind a classic princess room, there are plenty of modern versions of them that fit even the most modern interiors. Besides looking great canopy beds also provide privacy and conserve heat... More

Giant Bed Inspired By a Bird Nest

Can you imagine a bed inspired by a bird nest? I bet you can but I can also bet that you’ve never seen one before. Here is an interesting example perfect for your kids. It’s tricky to get into it but a running jump would solve the problem. When your kids are in it would be hard to make them come out. If you also... More

Cast Iron Bathtub Couches

Do you love to relax in a deep bathtub after a long work day? Do you want to have a similar experience at your kitchen or any other room? It’s almost possible with these couches made of real cast iron bathtubs from the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are inspired by Holly Golightly’s tub couch that you could seen... More

Funny Coffee Table Inspired By Rubik’s Cube

KUB+ by Fabio Teixeira

Our lives aren’t always easy and fun. Interiors of our homes usually can prove that. It’s a good idea to make them more fun. One way to do that is to buy furniture that loos cool and fun. For example that could be furniture inspired by toys. Here is a coffee table inspired by famous toy Rubik’s Cube.... More

Simple Yet Multifunctional Coffee Table

Who said that multifunctional furniture should be complex? Here is a very simple coffee table that also works well as a laptop desk. The table has a modern minimalist design and is formed by a continuos sheet of bended wood. It’s perfect for urban living spaces where space is at a premium because you can use it as a... More

Chest Of Drawers That Resembles A Stack Of Firewood

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz

The new chest of drawers designed by Mark Moskovitz is an interesting item of decor that not only is able to bring some coziness into any interior but also add some storage space to it. It’s inspired by the haphazard geometry of cordwood but built with modern details, for indoor use in mind. The chest of drawers reminds a... More

Modern Side Table With One Leg Made of Tableware

Ben by Mischer Traxler

Mischer Traxler is a very talented designer who reinvent traditional furniture and accessories. Some time ago I showed you really nice lamps designed by him. Here is one more of his works. A modern side table made of wood with one leg made of old stacked and fixed porcelain. You probably can even make such table by yourself.... More

Storage Systems Made Of Reclaimed Furniture

Vintage furniture is a great material for cool handmade storage systems. Thomas Wold is a Berkeley-based custom furniture-maker make such systems and sells them. He uses found and remnant materials, he designs pieces that are simultaneously retro-cool and utterly contemporary. In his works he combines the look of clean wood,... More

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