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DIY Old Side Table Renovation With Reclaimed Wood

Wanna renovate your old side table into something cool? Here’s an idea for you. You’ll need some old distressed wood, spray paint and your old side table. First apply one coat of spray, take the trellis apart and cut it into 17″ pieces. Give the top of the table a good scrub and then lay it out to dry. Using Gorilla Glue... More

How To Easily Change The Look Of A Usual Wooden Table

Do you have a usual wooden or MDF dining table? Do you want it to become original but don’t know how? If you are not much of a crafter, this option is for you. You’ll need just some adhesive tape of different colors and a table, of course. Make your world brighter with the help of these tapes. Glue the tapes as you like –... More

DIY Vintage TV Set Bar

Vintage things are very fashionable; everybody is trying to add a vintage touch to his or her interior, space or things. We present you a cool way to create an awesome vintage bar that you would see nowhere else. All you need is just an old TV, for example Silvertone TV, a garland or other lighting and some instruments. Take... More

Before & After – Cute Upgrade Of An Garden Table From IKEA

Everyone who have a possibility spend a lot of time outdoors at Summer. Those who enjoy DIY projects concentrate on outdoor projects during this time. Here is one of such projects. A cool upgrade of IKEA TÄRNÖ garden table to breakfast table with some improvements. I hope it will inspire you to make something... More

Before & After – Dresser Decorated With Upholstery Nails

Upholstery nails can be used not only for upholstery but for adding an interesting touch to any furniture piece. For example here is an ugly wooden dresser turned into a beautiful Art Deco inspired piece of decor. Before decorating it with nails it was covered with white primer and paint. 1300 nails were used for the job. Even... More

Before & After – TV Bench Renovation

When you’re buying an used furniture piece you should be able to renovate it a little bit. If your skills are good enough you can even make it even more beautiful than it was originally. This TV bench was originally in oak, so the color was kind of yellowish. After two coats of driftwood stain so it became a bit grayer.... More

Before & After – Rustic IKEA Cart Renovation

When some people can’t sleep at the morning they renovate their furniture. This IKEA cart was renovated by Susan and looks quite rustic after that. She painted the base in white, sanded the top, beat it with a hammer to distress, bang in some black tacks all the way around, mixed black and brown paint with an antique... More

Before & After – Cute Thrifty Lamp Makeover

This makeover by Myra, the design blogger at The Casabella Project, proves that $2 yard sale lamp can become an awesome addition to your decor. The lamp was sanded and spray painted with interesting finishing technique. The lamp shade was made of a $2 drum shade from a thrift shop covered with burlap and ribbon. Now the lamp is... More

Before & After – Nightstand Makeover With A Stencil

Even a nightstand that somebody threw away can become a great decoration of your bedroom with a little help of paint and a stencil. Liz Marie has managed to do that with style. She painted the nightstand she found in somebody’s trash with “vanilla cupcake” paint and using a vintage looking stencil added some... More

Before & After – Medallion Table Makeover

This awesome table makeover is done by Christina from Christina’s Adventures. A very old grandmothers table was completely unfinished and re-stained. The table legs were primed and painted in white. After the makeover the tabletop features an awesome painted medallion that in my opinion was a great... More

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