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Adorable DIY Glittered Mugs For Valentine’s Day And Not Only

Believe me, this gift can melt any heart! To make these glitter mugs you’ll need a glitter tray and rack, patterning tape, heart glitter, mugs, a brush and decoupage. Put tape around the mug, lay your mug on top of the tray and coat a section with decoupage then immediately sprinkle the heart glitter all over it. If you want... More

Cool DIY Aztec Print Decorative Dish

Aztecs was an ancient culture in Mesoamerica that dominated in 14th-16th centuries, and their civilization was very unusual to a modern person: cruel but beautiful. Aztec theme has been popular lately in everything – from clothes to even wedding themes. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you how to make a cook Aztec print... More

Cool DIY Formula Drinking Glasses

Hey, the school has begun again! And we offer to celebrate this fact making chemical and mathematic formula drinking glasses. The supplies are glasses and Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers or Martha Stewart Glass Paints in some colors you prefer. Google some chemical formulas, mathematical equations and geometric diagrams... More

DIY Rustic Burlap Utensil Holders

If you’re having a rustic party soon and want to have a coordinating table setting, you should probably make some utensil holders for this case. The supplies are some burlap of different colors, scissors, ribbon, glue, stencils and some black paint for fabric. Cut your burlap to size, one piece being smaller than the other.... More

DIY Terra Cotta Cupcake Stand

We’ve just told you of a woodsy cupcake stand, and here’s one more idea to make a rustic tableware piece. You’ll need a terracotta pot and a saucer, Dulux One Step Primer, white Aquanamel, a paint brush and some sandpaper. Sand the pot and base and wipe away the dust. Apply a coat of One Step Primer to each piece.  Once... More

Rustic DIY Woodsy Cupcake Stand

If you are planning a cool party and want to impress your guests, you need to create an atmosphere. Depending on the style of your interior and on the party theme you may use pretty garlands, candles, lamps and even tableware plays its role. Here’s an original idea for you to make a woodsy cupcake stand for some rustic party.... More

19 Chalkboard Trays You Can Easily Make Yourself

Do you love chalkboard pieces as we do? Today we’ve gathered a whole collection of chalkboard trays that are easy to make. Such a tray would help you to serve breakfast in bed for your beloved, put dishes to the table outside or just decorate your kitchen. You may choose any tray – a wooden one, plywood or a silver shabby... More

12 Cool Chalkboard Tableware Tutorials

Chalkboard pieces are awesome! You can chalk on them whatever you want, leave messages and create wonderful gifts with wishes. Make chalkboard tableware and have fun during meals and give it as gifts! Chalkboard plates are good for wall décor – you may write messages on them, chalkboard mugs are great but you shouldn’t... More

How To Paint A Mug – 21 Cool Tutorials

If you have some plain porcelain or glass mugs and want to personalize them, here are some cool ways. Monograms, snowflakes, polka dots, confetti and many other patterns – even Big Bang Theory characters – and you can easily make it yourself! Permanent pottery markers and sharpies are easy to use and would help you to... More

DIY Paris Cappuccino Cups

Decorate cappuccino cups for you and your friends and relatives to make them happier. The supplies are cappuccino cups and the Deco Art Glass Paint Marker because it’s safe if you decide to wash it in the dishwasher. Wash the cups and rub them with a paper towel. Press the pen down against some paper until color starts to sip... More