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Rustic DIY Hanging Flower Box

To save some space and decorate the walls at the same time, you can make a hanging wall planter. The supplies are 16 paint sticks, Minwax classic gray stain, a brush to apply the stain, cloth to remove excess stain, wood glue, twine, a small saw to cut the paint sticks. Stain all your paint sticks using the gray stain. Let them... More

DIY Gold Leaf Fence Planter Box

It’s time for original planters! To amek one you’ll need a picket fence planter box, white craft paint, painter’s tape, Krylon spray adhesive, gold leaf, Mod Podge Outdoor Formula, a paint brush, terra cotta pots, saucers & plants. Paint the picket fence planter box white on the inside and out first.  Once your fence... More

DIY Concrete Honey Bear Vase

Need a cute and fun vase? We’ve got a brilliant idea for you! You’ll need 3 cups of Quikrete 5000 Concrete, 1 honey bear bottle, one 3/4 inch wide by 12 inch high piece of PVC pipe, water, duct tape, shovel/stick to mix the concrete, a large container, pliers, wire cutters, and blade to peel off plastic. Cut the top off the... More

DIY Graphic Stenciled Flower Pot

Decorating flower pots is easy, and today we’ll make a romantic flower pot using stencils. You’ll need a flowerpot and a saucer, paint and a brush, paper towels, printable graphic, tissue paper, tape, scissors, Mod Podge, a clear spray sealer. Put a small amount of paint on the paintbrush, and dab the brush on paper towels... More

How To Dye An Air Plant Holder With Kool Aid

Kool Aid kit is ideal for dying anything, and today we’ll dye an air plant holder using it. Mix your Kool Aid and water together and allow cup to sit in the liquid for about 1-2 minutes. You can hold the cup in place, or, if you choose to live on the edge, let the cup float and have the color hit where it may. The base will... More

DIY Concrete Herb Garden To Make

Everybody loves greenery! Making home gardens is a hot trend at any season, and this kind of small but very stylish industrial garden will decorate any modern space, it’s suitable for minimalist and masculine interiors. These planters of concrete can be bought or made yourself, then you just need to add rope or twine handles.... More

12 Cheerful DIY Painted And Dipped Planters To Make

We continue the series of painted things to make as it’s a cool and easy way of décor suitable for anybody including kids. Today it’s all about planters! As always for such a project you’ll need any planter, jar, pot or glass that you like, paint and a paintbrush or just spray paint you like. Instead of paint you can... More

Extremely Easy DIY Ombre Paper Vase

How to make an ombre vase easily? Of course, you can paint the vase but there’s an easier way! To realize it you’ll need paper, a glass or a jar, paint and a brush with a sponge. Take thick paper and put some paint you like into water. You should make a very light solution and then using the sponge brush pain your sheet of... More

10 Extremely Easy DIY Dipped Vases

I think that dipping is the easiest way to color anything and why not make a good vase using this method? There are so many flowers outside! So, the idea to make such a vase is to take any jar, glass, bottle and the paint or spray paint of the color you prefer. So, mask the glass with masking tape in the place which you don’t... More

DIY Striped Planter With Liquid Gold Leaf

Guys, here’s another cool planter project for you! The supplies are Martha Stewart Gold Gilding, black cover satin aerosol, foam brushes, adhesive vinyl. Grab your planter pots, take them outside and spray paint them black evenly. Be sure to flip the planter over and paint the top rim. Use a thinly cut strip of vinyl and wrap... More