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10 DIY Fall-Inspired Vases From Various Materials

Fall is here, have you already put some beautiful fall blooms into vases? If you don’t have an appropriate autumn vase, this roundup is for you! The cutest idea I’ve ever seen is a pumpkin vase – just take a natural pumpkin from your veggie garden, cut it and clean inside, then leave as it is or spray paint as you like,... More

Fun DIY Face Vase With Puffy Paint

This creative vase from athomeinlove.com resembles of a face! To make it you’ll need a vase that looks kind of like a head, white spray paint, a pencil, white puff paint. Start by spray painting the vase white, using multiple thin coats. Once the paint is dry, lightly draw your face with pencil. You can practice on some paper... More

Cute And Simple DIY Oslo Bud Vases

These bud vases are the perfect touch of clean modern and, bonus, require a very small budget to fill.  Keeping fresh flowers is easy when you only have to buy one stem at a time. You will need plaster, a plastic cylinder mold with lid, glass vials, a wooden disk, E6000, glass test tubes, craft stick, masking tape and sand... More

DIY Marble Planter To Glam Up Your Plants

Marble trend isn’t going away any time soon, so if you are a design enthusiast who still doesn’t have any marble or marble-looking like pieces at home, you will need this DIY Marbled Planter. Prepare a plain planter, marble-print contact paper and a craft knife. First of all, wash and dry your planter well, to make... More

Easy And Budget-Savvy DIY Painted Tin Can Planters

I’s gardening season, so let’s spruce up your planters a little! You’ll need outdoor paint of your choice, foam brushes, painters tape and gold spray paint. First spray paint all the tin cans gold. After the paint is dry, use some painters tape to create stripes on the planters. You can do any design you want:  polka... More

Cheerful DIY Juicy Fruit Planters To Make

It’s almost summer, and it’s time of juicy fruits! Let’s make these fun fruit planters, you’ll need terra cotta pots of any size, red, yellow, and green spray paint, a black permanent marker, white, brown, and green acrylic paint and tape. Spray each of the pots with multiple coats. Terra cotta will absorb a lot of the... More

Trendy And Bright DIY Geometric-Painted Planter

Geometric items are super trendy and SarahHearts blog presents this cool geo planter DIY. To make one you’ll need a geometric template, a planter, outdoor mod podge, scissors and a foam brush. Download and print the template on matte photo paper or card stock. Cut out each hexagon shape. Working on one side at a time, use a... More

Easy And Quick DIY Chipped Paint Planter

Need a creative planter? Here we are with a project from TheFreeSpirited blog! Prepare acrylic paint, water, Mod Podge, a terra cotta pot. Paint on strategically, consider up and down or side to side, or make some patterns. Let it sit for about 1 minute. Rinse of the majority of paint with your hands. Let it sit to dry and add... More

DIY Spray-Painted Colorful Vases From Glass Bottles

Need a couple of simple and cute vases for fresh spring flowers? Here’s a great idea from BlogPBTeen! The supplies are glass bottles, rubber bands, painters tape, aluminum foil and scissors. Slide the rubber bands on to the bottle to create a striped pattern. Apply painters tape above the top rubber band. Cover the top of the... More

DIY Sea-Inpired Vase Wrapped With Rope

We continue spoiling you with cute seaside crafts that will make you think of your beach vacation, the previous one or the coming one. Today it’s a vase craft from LoveAndMarriage blog, you’ll need a glass vase, hot glue and gun, decorative rope and scissors. Add hot glue to the bottom of the vase and wrapped the rope... More

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