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DIY Gold Leaf Vases Or Votives For Decor

These beautiful gold leaf vases can become a cool home decoration for any season. The supplies are a gold leaf, a gold leaf adhesive, a brush for the adhesive, a big brush, small glasses or votives. Put the glue on your glasses where you want the gold leaf to go. The glue has to dry for a while. For how long depends on your... More

Inspiring DIY ‘Happy Spring’ Framed Vase

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate it decorating your home with various spring-inspired pieces. For this framed vase you’ll need 7×10 blank chalkboard, an extra fine permanent marker, white transfer paper, 12 gauge craft wire, chevron washi tape and a ball half-pint jar. Print out what you want to transfer onto the... More

10 Cool DIY Spring Vases – Framed And Not Only

Spring is time of flowers and blooms, so a vase is a necessary thing – let’s have a look at the vases you can make to get inspired this spring! I love the idea of framed vases – they save space and look original and rustic-like. Spring is time of bright colors, so don’t hesitate to paint the vases neon or some vivid... More

DIY Clock Covered With Wrapping Paper

How can you make a colorful clock using just a piece of wrapping paper? You’ll need a clock base, a clock kit, wrapping paper, Mod podge, a sponge brush, spray paint. If the paper you chose is dark, consider painting the clock hands a bright color to make them pop. Simply lay the pieces flat, spray paint and let dry. On the... More

Cool DIY Capiz Pendant Lamp

This craft was inspired by some pendants seen on the West Elm site – it’s kind of a pendant lamp with decorations, suitable for many spaces, from a sea-inspired one to a completely minimalist one. The supplies are retro capiz chandeliers, dismantle them, and make them into the kinda chandeliers using wreath rings. It seems... More

DIY Gold Painted Geo Planters

We’ve already told you how to make different planters and how to decorate them. Let’s realize on more cool idea – these geo planters as geometric designs are getting more and more popular. You’ll need Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff, planters, metallic filler. Just apply Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff with your finger, remove... More

DIY Wall Mason Jar Planter

Mason jars are fantastic for crafting, they are almost an inexhaustible source of ideas. Let’s make a mason jar planter, you’ll need wood, a mason jar, a pipe clamp large enough to fit around your mason jar, 1 screw, 2 long nails, 1 strong fat nail, an electric drill, pebbles, soil, and a plant. First before anything else... More

Rustic DIY Wood Pallet clock

Rustic pieces are amazing and easy to make, that’s why today we’ll make this decorative clock of an old spool. He supplies are a spool of 4ft in diameter, wood finish, paint, a brush, a sander. Mix two Behr paints together to create perfect antique white, take a brush and dip it in the paint. Scrap off all of the excess on... More

Adorable DIY Glittered Mugs For Valentine’s Day And Not Only

Believe me, this gift can melt any heart! To make these glitter mugs you’ll need a glitter tray and rack, patterning tape, heart glitter, mugs, a brush and decoupage. Put tape around the mug, lay your mug on top of the tray and coat a section with decoupage then immediately sprinkle the heart glitter all over it. If you want... More

Cool And Simple DIY Macrame Plant Holder

Even if you are not good at making macramé, this craft is for you because here it’s not difficult and you can make it yourself without any problems. You’ll need a small terracotta pot, a paint brush, newspaper, a little plant, white house paint, embroidery thread. Paint your terracotta pot in undercoat. First place it... More