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How To Make A Felt Neon Vase

Neon is in trend today, we wear neon clothes, shoes and accessories, couples choose this theme for their wedding, and it’s high time for making a neon vase for your interior to make it brighter! The supplies are a plastic jar or a bottle, scissors, felt, neon rope, glue. Cut off the top of the plastic jar and cut a piece of... More

Rustic DIY Woodsy Cupcake Stand

If you are planning a cool party and want to impress your guests, you need to create an atmosphere. Depending on the style of your interior and on the party theme you may use pretty garlands, candles, lamps and even tableware plays its role. Here’s an original idea for you to make a woodsy cupcake stand for some rustic party.... More

Glamorous DIY Glitter Planters

We’ve already told you of many ideas to paint a planter, from nail polish painting to painting with chalkboard paint, and here’s one more way to make a usual terra cotta pot cheerful and glamorous. The supplies are a small plant, a small terra cotta pot, Mod Podge, glitter, a paint brush. The steps are very easy: brush Mod... More

Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters

Guys, can you imagine that nail polish may give you endless opportunities of coloring a planter? The supplies are planters, nail polish, a big bucket of water. Fill the bucket about halfway with water and let it come to room temperature. Pour in nail polish of the color you like and let it spread out over the water as much as... More

17 Cute DIY Chalkboard Planters

If you are keen on growing plants or flowers, or need some pots for your garden, here’s a great idea how to diversify the usual planters – paint them chalkboard! You may choose a clay or a porcelain planter, or even a wooden one, and paint the whole of it, or just make some stripes, or a half of it, or some geometric... More

19 Chalkboard Trays You Can Easily Make Yourself

Do you love chalkboard pieces as we do? Today we’ve gathered a whole collection of chalkboard trays that are easy to make. Such a tray would help you to serve breakfast in bed for your beloved, put dishes to the table outside or just decorate your kitchen. You may choose any tray – a wooden one, plywood or a silver shabby... More

DIY Perforated Globe Lamp For Indoors And Outdoors

Wanna make a cool lamp for indoors and outdoors? Here’s a great lamp that was inspired by a stylish Eastern-style globe lamp. The supplies are two large plastic bowls, tin snips, E-6000, cheap duct tape, Dremel variable speed rotary tool, Dremel sanding bands, Dremel drill bits, Dremel cutting guide, spray paint, a pendant... More

12 Cool Chalkboard Tableware Tutorials

Chalkboard pieces are awesome! You can chalk on them whatever you want, leave messages and create wonderful gifts with wishes. Make chalkboard tableware and have fun during meals and give it as gifts! Chalkboard plates are good for wall décor – you may write messages on them, chalkboard mugs are great but you shouldn’t... More

How To Paint A Mug – 21 Cool Tutorials

If you have some plain porcelain or glass mugs and want to personalize them, here are some cool ways. Monograms, snowflakes, polka dots, confetti and many other patterns – even Big Bang Theory characters – and you can easily make it yourself! Permanent pottery markers and sharpies are easy to use and would help you to... More

Fashionable DIY Tube Flower Vase

Tube vases are popular these days because they correspond to the minimalist style which is on top today. But you can not spend tons of money on a tube vase by a famous designer but create one yourself. The supplies are test tubes and a holder, spray paint, pencils, foam board. Cut holes in your foam board so that the pencils... More