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DIY Sweater Covered Pot For Winter Decor

This winter it’s very cold, and everybody’s looking for some warmth – and so are your plants! To make a warm sweater planter you’ll need a pot, an old sweater, rocks, soil and a plant. Measure the height of the pot and add a few inches to that.  Then use that measurement to cut off part of a sleeve on the old sweater.... More

Industrial DIY Mini Vase With Harware Supplies

I just love this cool industrial-inspired vase! To make it you’ll need a plastic storage container, brass plumbing fitting, a piece of jewelry chain, a jump ring, jewelry pliers, wire cutters, a hot glue gun or strong glue like E6000. Insert the plastic container into the plumbing fitting, leaving a little portion of the... More

How To: 9 IKEA Pieces Turned Into Planters

Go go, IKEA hackers! IKEA pieces are ideal for changing and refashioning, so let’s pick up some pieces for making a planter or even a whole garden. Refashioning a pendant lamp into a planter? Easily! Take the lamp shade, paint it and planter whatever you want. A wine bottle holder IKEA Vurm is also a cool idea for making a... More

DIY Hanging Planter Of A Coconut

To make an unusual planter (or just a pot for some staff) you’ll need half a coconut shell, a hand drill, 4 x 75cm lengths of string or twine, 4 wooden beads, acrylic paints in your choice of colors, washi tape, a little metal keyring hoop, soil and some small succulents and cacti. Mark out the shapes with washi tape to make... More

DIY Winterized Felt Planter

When it’s so cold outside, we want to get warm and winterize everything. Let’s dress our plants! You’ll need some felt, about 40×40 cm, needle and thread. Print the template and cut it out. Draw it on the felt and cut the felt according to the drawings. You’ll get kind of petals of felt. Arise them according to the... More

DIY Marquee Letters Of Cardboard

Let’s make marquee letters to accentuate your space. You’ll need cardboard, a printer, an x-acto knife, a hot glue gun, scissors, paper and lights. Create the text you want in the size and font you like in Photoshop. Now you need to create your text template to trace out onto your cardboard. Trace those letters from the... More

DIY Decorated Gold Planter Pot

These simple gold planter pots are easy to make and cool for décor! The supplies are Mod Melts, mold, a plain white planter and shiny gold spray paint. Make a whole pile of nests: put Mod Melts in a high heat glue gun and then squirt them into the mold. Let them cool, use dabs of Mod Podge Melt to adhere the nests to a plain... More

Simple Clear Vase Makeover

If you have a boring clear vase and want to change it somehow, we’ve got an idea for you! You’ll need an old vase, 2 sheets of sold color cardstock, one sheet of patterned paper, Mod Podge, scissors, a paint brush. Rip or cut your cardstock in to smaller pieces. Dip your brush into your Mod Podge and cover the back of your... More

Simple And Quick DIY Faux Clay Vase

If you want to make a clay vase but don’t know how to treat it, you can make a faux clay vase. The supplies are Trader Joe’s bag, a clear vase, Mod Podge, a paintbrush and scissors. Cut pieces of your Trader Joe’s bag, if you like – vary sizes and shapes.  Dip your paint brush into your Mod Podge and cover the back of... More

Cool DIY Aztec Print Decorative Dish

Aztecs was an ancient culture in Mesoamerica that dominated in 14th-16th centuries, and their civilization was very unusual to a modern person: cruel but beautiful. Aztec theme has been popular lately in everything – from clothes to even wedding themes. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you how to make a cook Aztec print... More