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16 Creative DIY Indoor Gardens

Though it’s still summer, cold seasons aren’t far away and if you’d like to enjoy nature and greenery even when it’s cold outside, you’ll need an indoor garden. Choose some pretty plants and begin making an original small garden that suits your interior or décor. Succulents, cacti and air plants are the most... More

DIY Rope Hurricane Vase Or Candle Holder

Rope is a very interesting craft material: it can give a traditional, rustic or even a nautical touch. To make a rope wrapped vase you’ll need a vase, rope, hot glue, twill, gold nails. To make the vase start by gluing the twill to the bottom of the vase. Then wrap the rope around the vase using a thin line of glue along the... More

12 DIY Concrete Outdoor Planters

Concrete is one of the best craft materials today, especially for outdoors due to its durability and a nice minimalist look. That’s why today we’ll look at a variety of concrete planters that you can make for outdoors. Actually, the technology is the same for every concrete piece, the differences are just in shapes and... More

13 Amazing And Easy To Make Tin Can Vases

If you have some tin cans at home and want to recycle them and no waste, you can easily make a beautiful vase using it. First of all, you can take a tin can, fill it with water and get a rustic look. The second idea is to paint it the way you like – entirely or with some pattern like stripes. Decorate the whole can with... More

DIY Paper Foil Starry Lights For Outdoors

Getting ready for a cool outdoor party? Wanna impress your second half with romantic lights? We’ve got a great idea for you! Let’s make starry lights, and the supplies are foil or glitter paper, star punch, hole punch, string lights and hot glue. So, first punch as many stars as there are lights on the string. Punch a hole... More

How To Make A Mason Jar Flower Shelf

Tube Wall Shelves which consist of a shelf and a vase put into felt. I think that these shelves inspired this mason jar flower shelf. The supplies are 1″ x 4″ board, a pencil, five mason jars with lids, spray paint, a hot glue gun, 20 1/2″ sheet metal screws, a drill. Cut the board, measure the width of your board and... More

DIY Night Lamp Of An IKEA Planter

If you want a delicate night lamp for a feminine interior, you can easily make one of a flower pot. It’s not necessarily a table lamp, it may be a beautiful wall lamp that won’t take any space. You’ll need SKURAR flower pots by IKEA, cool and refined, a lamp with a velcro, batteries to the lamp, a hook. Put the batteries... More

Simple DIY Leather Wrapped Vase

This vase design is one of the simplest and very original! It’s inspired by Pinterest, one of the most famous picture sources. You needn’t any special skills, much time, money or many supplies besides a glass jar, a leather belt and a hot glue gun. So, take your jar, wash and dry it. Add a dab of glue at one end of one belt... More

DIY Rustic Burlap Utensil Holders

If you’re having a rustic party soon and want to have a coordinating table setting, you should probably make some utensil holders for this case. The supplies are some burlap of different colors, scissors, ribbon, glue, stencils and some black paint for fabric. Cut your burlap to size, one piece being smaller than the other.... More

DIY Terra Cotta Cupcake Stand

We’ve just told you of a woodsy cupcake stand, and here’s one more idea to make a rustic tableware piece. You’ll need a terracotta pot and a saucer, Dulux One Step Primer, white Aquanamel, a paint brush and some sandpaper. Sand the pot and base and wipe away the dust. Apply a coat of One Step Primer to each piece.  Once... More