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DIY Clock Covered With Wrapping Paper

How can you make a colorful clock using just a piece of wrapping paper? You’ll need a clock base, a clock kit, wrapping paper, Mod podge, a sponge brush, spray paint. If the paper you chose is dark, consider painting the clock hands a bright color to make them pop. Simply lay the pieces flat, spray paint and let dry. On the... More

Rustic DIY Wood Pallet clock

Rustic pieces are amazing and easy to make, that’s why today we’ll make this decorative clock of an old spool. He supplies are a spool of 4ft in diameter, wood finish, paint, a brush, a sander. Mix two Behr paints together to create perfect antique white, take a brush and dip it in the paint. Scrap off all of the excess on... More

17 DIY Rustic Wall Art Pieces And Clocks

It’s time to decorate your walls! To do that, you can make some wall art and add a clock. Rustic style brings coziness, it’s easy to make and the materials don’t cost a lot. For a wall clock just take a slice of wood or some planks and paint numbers the way you like. Wall art may be dedicated to any theme: the state you... More

DIY Pop Art Decoupage Clock

If you like decoupage technique and things made using it, here’s an idea of a pop art decoupage clock. The supplies are 2 round cardstock boxes, decoupage napkin with a flower pattern, glue, colored foil, white paint, and clockwork. Paint the boxes white, attach the decoupage napkin to the boxes. Cut out some patterns from... More

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

To make a minimalist wall clock is simple and you won’t need much. The supplies are a cork piece of round shape (or any other you like), a clock mechanism and numbers. First make numbers of colored paper or stickers. You can also buy ready numbers and attach them to the cork using some glue. You may attach just two or four... More

Exquisite DIY Ceiling Medallion Clock

If you want a romantic DIY clock, have a look at this tutorial. You will need a ceiling medallion, a clock mechanism and AA battery , larger sized clock hands, spray paint, a power drill and drill bits, a paintbrush.  Choose your ceiling medallion or object you would like to use as the clock face. Drill a hole in the center of... More

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

If you want to make something that would always remind you of your family, try this instagram photo clock with pics of your family. You’ll need a ruler, a clock kit, a 12 x 12 canvas mounted on wood, hole punches, an Instagram feed filled with the daily activities of your family. Use Photoshop to format the photo into small... More

Romantic DIY Wall Clock Of A Doily Plate

Here’s a cool idea of how to create a romantic wall clock. You’ll need a doily plate, a clock movement, a battery for the clock movement. Drill a hole in the center of the plate according to your clock movement, be careful not to break it. Now assemble your clock movement and you are done! If you want to try the Sharpie... More

DIY Floral Print Owl Clock

If you want to make a cool clock for your kid or just like owls, this how-to is for you. The supplies are wood cut out, 2 different but coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper, battery operated clock, larger clock hands, 2 buttons, a trim, a drill, scissors, a paint brush, a container, a newspaper, a piece of sand paper and Mod... More

Colorful DIY Outdoor Clock Of A Plant Stand

We have already told you of several clocks like this of coffee stir sticks, magazine sheets and so on. There’s one more cool idea – a plant stand clock. You’ll need Mod Podge, acrylic craft paint, chalkboard paint, metallic and glitter paints, stencils, paintbrushes, and the coolest little foam brush caps that fit right... More