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Dreamy DIY Sunset-Inspired Wooden Clock

This beautiful sunset clock is easy to make yourself! You’ll need a wooden clock base, walnut hollow 3/4″ clock movement, wood stain, gold spray paint, gold paint pen, stain applicator, contact paper/masking tape. Stain the clock base using the stain applicator, let the stain dry. Use contact paper or masking tape to... More

DIY Rustic Faux Pallet Wood Wall Clock

Rustic and industrial decor are super popular now, and this clock combines both style at once. To make it you’ll need STYROFOAM 12” x 12” x 1” sheet, a bowl with 10” diameter, a spackling compound, a wood dowel, 36” x ¼”, acrylic craft paint in burnt umber, a clock movement with hands and ¾” shaft, a metal... More

Original DIY Wall Clock From An Old Vinyl Record

A couple of old vinyls? Turn them into original clocks! Besides a vinyl record you’ll need 6 mm clock mechanism, 65 & 85 mm black clock hands, a mounting hook, mounting tape/ 2-part epoxy glue, thick cardboard cut into 1cm x 2cm pieces, if needed for thickness. Gently scratch the record’s center hole by spinning an old... More

Easy And Fast DIY Colorful Washi Tape Clock

Creative clocks are the right pieces to make an accent and you can make one easily! Let’s craft this idea from unleashcreative.com.au. You’ll need washi tape in a range of colors and patterns, a round or square pre-cut MDF shape, a clock mechanism, clock hands, thick cardboard, a scalpel knife, a drill, black card stock, a... More

Trendy And Quick DIY Watercolor Clock

Watercolor décor is the hottest trend right now, so rock it making this watercolor clock from sheknows.com. The supplies are a clock, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, a paint palette, a paintbrush, scissors, a pen and spray adhesive. Carefully disassemble the clock, removing any glass and the hands from the clock. Trace... More

DIY Vintage-Inspired Clock From An Old Book

Using old books for planters, clutches and many other things is a very popular and original idea today, let’s turn an old book into an awesome vintage clock! The supplies are an old book, clock parts & battery, a pen, a ruler, an X-Acto Knife, wood numbers, gold leaf flakes, Mod Podge, 2 small paintbrushes, white paint, a... More

DIY Minimal Wall Clock With Copper Hands

Here’s a project to celebrate longer days and brighter evenings as the clocks go forward. To make this minimal wall clock you’ll need copper enamel, chalkboard paint and a clock to paint. Set up your materials in a well-ventilated area. Clean the surface of what you’re painting before use. Sweep the can from side to side.... More

DIY Two-Tone Wall Clock With A Feather Pattern

Wanna make a stylish and eye-catching wall clock? Here we are with a gorgeous idea from TheDIYDiary blog! Prepare a circle clock base, clock hands, gold spray paint, 3 shades of grey paint, white paint, a soft paint brush, a foam paint brush, a sea sponge, painters tape and a feather. Begin by taping off one half of your clock.... More

DIY Minimalist Wall Clock Of A Chopping Board

Got an old chopping board you don’t like? Turn it into a clock! The supplies are a round wooden chopping board, black leather strap, a leather punch, a clock mechanism, 2 small shallow brass screws, a power drill, pencil & ruler and a screwdriver. Measure and mark the center point on your wooden chopping board with your... More

Pretty Spring-Inspired DIY Clock Renovation

Want to renovate your clock easily and fast or even make a new one for this spring? We are looking forward to share an idea that we’ve found on BumbleBreeBlog, you’ll need a broken clock or outdated clock face, handmade paper, Mod Podge, clock parts, scissors and X-Acto knife. To start your project take your clock face and... More

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