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iPhone Concrete Dock Tower

iPod/iPhone Tower by HeavyTool

Those who are real fans of raw materials in interior design could even find such accessories as iPod/iPhone docks made of them. This iPod and iPhone tower is designed by a German designer, Maximilian Benedikt von Wallenberg. It features a narrow concrete column on a metal base and a cable that allows it to work as a real dock... More

Creative Fireplaces Made of Decommissioned Naval Mines

If you’re bored with usual fireplaces then creative fireplaces designed by sculptor Mati Karmin for Marinemine might be exactly what you need. Each of these fireplaces is made from decommissioned naval mines. They are divided into two subgroups: round fireplaces with round illuminator frames and fireplaces are made of... More

15 Cool Contemporary Home Saunas

If a fireplace and a wool rug are already your best friends then you definitely need a sauna at home. Unforgettable relaxation is what they provide. Nowadays, sauna at home isn’t a massive block of wood that must be hidden in the basement. Most contemporary saunas are quite compact and designed to fit in rooms that you... More

10 Unusual Fridge Designs

Every kitchen in any home features a fridge. That’s must have appliance but usually they are quite similar and ugly. Although there are as built-in as non built-in fridges that have elegant designs. For example, there are built-in fridges that remind traditional wood furniture that could emphasize the prestige of the... More

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