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Dreamy DIY Sunset-Inspired Wooden Clock

This beautiful sunset clock is easy to make yourself! You’ll need a wooden clock base, walnut hollow 3/4″ clock movement, wood stain, gold spray paint, gold paint pen, stain applicator, contact paper/masking tape. Stain the clock base using the stain applicator, let the stain dry. Use contact paper or masking tape to... More

Easy DIY Modern Cake Stand In A Minute

Need a cool and modern cake stand without much fuss or money wastes? Here’s a tutorial from earnesthomeco.com! The supplies are a plate, a candle holder, a dab of glue. All you need to do is just glue around the edge of the candleholder with a very strong adhesive. Firmly stick the votive holder onto the bottom of the plate... More

Fun DIY Dishwasher Safe Painted Plates

Cool and fun tableware is a nice idea to raise your mood while eating, especially in the morning. You can get a couple of plates and turn them into creative ones using enamel paint, brushes, ceramic plates and painters tape and this tutorial from laceyplacey.com. Spotted plate: dab paint onto your plate with your brush in a... More

10 DIY Fall-Inspired Vases From Various Materials

Fall is here, have you already put some beautiful fall blooms into vases? If you don’t have an appropriate autumn vase, this roundup is for you! The cutest idea I’ve ever seen is a pumpkin vase – just take a natural pumpkin from your veggie garden, cut it and clean inside, then leave as it is or spray paint as you like,... More

DIY Rustic Faux Pallet Wood Wall Clock

Rustic and industrial decor are super popular now, and this clock combines both style at once. To make it you’ll need STYROFOAM 12” x 12” x 1” sheet, a bowl with 10” diameter, a spackling compound, a wood dowel, 36” x ¼”, acrylic craft paint in burnt umber, a clock movement with hands and ¾” shaft, a metal... More

Original DIY Wall Clock From An Old Vinyl Record

A couple of old vinyls? Turn them into original clocks! Besides a vinyl record you’ll need 6 mm clock mechanism, 65 & 85 mm black clock hands, a mounting hook, mounting tape/ 2-part epoxy glue, thick cardboard cut into 1cm x 2cm pieces, if needed for thickness. Gently scratch the record’s center hole by spinning an old... More

Easy And Fast DIY Colorful Washi Tape Clock

Creative clocks are the right pieces to make an accent and you can make one easily! Let’s craft this idea from unleashcreative.com.au. You’ll need washi tape in a range of colors and patterns, a round or square pre-cut MDF shape, a clock mechanism, clock hands, thick cardboard, a scalpel knife, a drill, black card stock, a... More

Trendy And Quick DIY Watercolor Clock

Watercolor décor is the hottest trend right now, so rock it making this watercolor clock from sheknows.com. The supplies are a clock, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, a paint palette, a paintbrush, scissors, a pen and spray adhesive. Carefully disassemble the clock, removing any glass and the hands from the clock. Trace... More

Cheerful And Bold DIY Dipped Kitchen Jars

Want to spruce up anything in your kitchen? Let’s dip these kitchen containers with this dipped project from thislittlestreet.com! You’ll need jars, spray paint, masking tape, freezer bags, letter stickers that can easily unstick, sharpie pens if you want to add patterns. If you want to protect your jars even more: clear... More

Fun DIY Face Vase With Puffy Paint

This creative vase from athomeinlove.com resembles of a face! To make it you’ll need a vase that looks kind of like a head, white spray paint, a pencil, white puff paint. Start by spray painting the vase white, using multiple thin coats. Once the paint is dry, lightly draw your face with pencil. You can practice on some paper... More

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